Death to teetotallers and vegetarians!

Zeman Salon Vin

Who said a sentence like that, in a public event? The president of the Czech Republic, of course.

Milos Zeman, after having awarded the winner of the contest “Salon vin” in the Prague Castle, during the toast following the ceremony, clearly in a good mood, said the following sentence: “Death to teetotallers and vegetarians!”

According to president Zeman, wine must be produced with hearth. If this doesn’t happen, the result will be a second choice wine, the wine sold to Prague people.

Among the other funny sentences pronounced by the president during his speech, we’d like to point out his thanks to the wineries “apart from the best wishes, I’d like to thank you for the love you put in the most beautiful beverage existing on earth” followed by the memories of his recurring visits to the Moravian wine cellars.

For the record, the contest, attended by 1646 Czech and Moravian wines, has been won by the wine Rulandske bile Ego75 from the winery Bzenec.

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