Gondola in Prague

Gondola in the Czech Republic

On the Moldau with an authentic Venetian gondola!

Have a nice trip on a gondola for a special occasion of your life, in Prague, in very close contact with the Charles Bridge, admiring the magnificence of the Prague Castle from the river.

Gondola in Prague

Your personal gondolier, Michele, attended for many years the “da pope” courses in Venice, in order to be able to accompany you in the maze of the “Devil’s Channel”. The charm of Prague, the magic of the watermill, the romanticism of the Venetian gondola.

Trip on a gondola on the Moldau river (45 minutes)

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A gondola on the Moldau river? – you are thinking – it’s a strange thing!
But it’s really here, and, of course, before cutting through the waters of the Moldau, it was sailing the Canal Grande.
But why it’s here? A venetian guy living in Prague wanted to surprise his loved girl, inviting her on a gondola trip, but not in Venice, that would have been a cheap solution!
He promised her a gondola trip under the Charles Bridge. So he had only two chances to fulfill his promise: he could take the Charles Bridge to Venice or he could take the gondola to Prague.
So he started rowing.

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