Boat Trip Prague

A boat trip in Prague, along the Moldau river, is an experience that every tourist should do.
The view of Prague riverbanks, the Charles Bridge and the Castel from the river is astonishing. We offer many solutions for your boat trip in Prague:

Boat Trip Prague

For individuals we offer a 45 minutes trip for 290 CZK. Thanks to our big fleet, boats set out every 10 minutes circa.
For more information about our boat trips for individuals, please contact us.

For larger groups we offer the possibility of renting the whole boat.
A roofed wooden boat with the capacity of 32 persons can be rented for 1 hour at th eprice of 12.000 CZK

A smaller unroofed vessel, with the capacity of 11 persons, can be rented for 1 hour at the price of 5000 CZK

We also offer the possibility to rent a big speedship, with the capacity of 100 persons, per 25000 CZK per hour.

For more information, or to book a boat trip, please contact us