What to Eat in Prague

When you think about Prague, the first things coming to your mind are the beauty of the historical centre, the riverbank on the Moldau, the Prague Castle, the romanticism of some glimpses, the countless attractions for tourists. It’s unlikely that you will think about czech cuisine as an additional incentive to come visit this beautiful city. And this is a mistake.


Czech cuisine, similar to German or Austrian cuisine, is mailny based on meat. In Prague center you will find a countless quantity of restaurants specialized in the Czech cuisine, many of them will be good, some other will not. Prague Vacations, in another post, suggests the best Prague restaurants offering a quality Czech cuisine. But now we want to talk about what to eat

Main dishes of Czech cuisine



Vepřo knedlo zelo 

Is the typical Czech dish. Roast pork with bread dumplings and stewed cabbage or sauerkrout.




Svíčková na smetaně

Beef sirloin in cream sauce, with bread dumplings, often served with a slice of lemon and cramberries.




Vepřové koleno

Roast pork knee.




Smažený Sýr

Fried cheese, served with french fires or boiled potatoes and tartare sauce. You can find it in different variations, the most common is the one using the cheese “eidam”. In other variations the cheese is niva (blue cheese) or hermelin (a cheese similar to brie or camembert).



Similar to the French steak tartare, Simile alla tartare francese, il tatarak is raw beef mixed with egg zolk, onions, mustard, salt, pepper, paprika and ketchup. Served with crispz bread.



Nakládaný hermelín

It’s a typical pub snack, hermelin cheese (similar to Brie) pickled with peppers, garlic and other spices.